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In January of 1991, we went to the Central Kentucky Angus Association Sale in Danville to look for a project heifer for Michael to show. One extremely docile animal quickly rose to the top of the list as a strong rst time show heifer for Michael to begin his show career. Her disposition was perfect, and we immediately knew that she was the one for us. That memorable day we purchased CF Line Delight, a July 1990 daughter of Dameron Linedrive. At the time, we didn’t know that CF Line Delight (or “Molly”) would be the animal that would open the door for us to do the one thing we enjoy the most-raising Angus cattle. We owe all of our love and passion for the Angus breed to the one that started it all-“Molly”.


After that first successful year of showing Molly, our herd started to grow with the addition of more show heifers and other functional cows that added value to our herd. Over the years, we have grown Banner Elite Genetics from that one show heifer to a herd of approximately 100 mother cows located in the heart of Middle Tennessee. The same traits that we wanted in our herd in the beginning still hold true today. We strive for cattle that emphasize longevity, fertility, structural soundness, and maternal strength.

Our donors are chosen based on the value that they add to our herd. Many are descendents of some of the most notable cow families in the Angus Breed. Not only do these donors have time-tested genetics, but they also still maintain the phenotype that exempli es an Angus cow. A few of the donors have also been extremely competitive in the show ring from coast to coast. We are extremely pleased with our donors and the contribution that they’ve had in our herd as well as in others across the country.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss our herd or inquire about embryo packages that are available from these featured donors.

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